A Green Male Thief and a Red Female Thief.

Unlocked By:

Available at start.


+1 AT, +2 SP, +10 HP


+1 SP/Level

One of the 3 Job classes available to players when setting up a new game of Dokapon Kingdom. They specialize in speed. Considered the best starting class in the game.

The Thief focuses on hitting hard and fast while robbing opponents blind.

In-game description: "Uses speed to steal things from other players!"

Stats Edit

Per Level: +1 AT, +2 SP, +10 HP

Mastery: +1 SP/Level

Starting Stats Edit

  • Lv. 1: 40 HP, 5 AT, 3 DF, 1 MG, 4 SP
  • Lv. 10: 130 HP, 14 ST, 12 DF, 10 MG, 22 SP
  • Lv. 20:
  • Lv. 30:
  • Lv. 40:
  • Lv. 50:

Salary Edit

Job level pay raise multiplier: 1.5

Level 1: 500 G

Level 2: 750 G

Level 3: 1,125 G

Level 4: 1,688 G

Level 5: 2.531 G

Level 6: 3,797 G

End of Week Bonus: Open 8 treasure chests. Note: Item Spaces and Magic Spaces count. (times 3 salary)

Inventory Edit

8 Items

6 Field Magics


Level 2: Steal – Steal an Item or Field Magic.

Level 4: Escape – Escape from the Battle with out any punishments.

Field Skill: Pickpocket – Steal a random Item or Field Magic when passing another player on the board.

Related JobsEdit

Contributes to Cleric. Note: Mastering either the Warrior OR Magician OR Thief jobs unlocks the Cleric job.

Contributes to Ninja.

Contributes to Alchemist.

Contributes to Robo Knight via Alchemist.

Contributes to Hero via Ninja.

Thief Class

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