TheRunawayGuys is a group of YouTubers who are currently playing through Story Mode of Dokapon Kingdom. Due to the game's length, they post videos of Dokapon Kingdom as a side project alongside videos of other games. Despite this, it is still referred to as Collab #13 on their channel. For reference, the first episode of their Dokapon Kingdom Let's Play was posted on March 15th, 2014 and have finished their 25th Collab, a Wheel of Fortune board, and Fortune Street with Tom Fawkes.

Note: words are in the EST (UTC−4).

As a side project, episodes of the Dokapon Kingdom Let's Play are usually uploaded once a week (Thursday, percentage shows below) when another project is ongoing and they are not posting a board of Fortune Street. When a main project is ongoing, Dokapon Kingdom videos are posted ⅔ to 75% of the time on Thursdays with the main project taking up the Tuesday and Saturday slots. Episodes of Dokapon Kingdom currently show a week of in-game time, though the group briefly uploaded 2 weeks per episode in June 2016 due to losing all the audio commentary for those episodes, to catch up the weeks. As of August 26th, 2017, the Dokapon Kingdom Let's Play is uploaded on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday running currently alone, having finished their 25th main collab, Mario Party 6.

They are currently playing Chapter 7 of the game.


  • Player 1: Chugga
  • Player 2: Timbo
  • Player 3: Proton Jon

Current in-game statsEdit

Note: stats listed are stats with equipment. Stats in parenthesis are base stats.

Week Pos. Name Lv. Job HP AT DF MG SP Value
117 1st Proton Jon 69 Robo Knight 1670


252 (124) 314 (140) 129 (129) 135 (137) 27,354,615G
2nd Chugga 71 Warrior 1670 (1670) 185 (91) 105 (105) 165 (162) 87 (87) 13,890,600G
3rd Timbo 69 Magician 1050 (1050) 403 (211) 97 (70) 83 (53) 127 (130) 11,808,978G


  • To introduce Dokapon Kingdom to their channel, they played a 5-week Normal Mode game in which they all started at Level 10. In this miniseries, they stated that they are not playing the full game (Story Mode) due to it being incredibly long, but they would try to find a way to do it if the fans wanted it.
    • For some unknown reason, "Normal Mode" is referred to as "Battle Royale" in the video titles. This is probably to make it sound more exciting.

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