Below you can find links to texture packs for a specific game. Currently the easiest games to texture dump are the GameCube version of Dokapon DX and the Wii version of Dokapon Kingdom.

Upload Rules Edit

  1. The texture pack should be appropriate.
  2. Custom made textures and textures from Google are allowed.
  3. The texture pack must be for the right game. Look for the ID next to that game.
  4. Do not upload an inappropriate texture pack, or an texture pack that meet these criterias here...
  5. You must be registered. Uploading as a guest is a disqualification.

Dokapon DX (GDNJE8) Edit

Dokapon Kingdom (R2DXXX) Edit

This game has multiple versions. Find the one that suits you.

Universal (All Versions) Edit

U.S. Version (R2DEEB) Edit

Japanese Version (R2DJEP) Edit

European (Big Ben) Version (R2DPJW) Edit