Temples are one of the types of Spaces an Adventurer can land on. Landing on a Temple will set the Adventurer's spawn point there. Since it is a Building Space, it is closed if you are Wanted, Day Off is active, or Worker Strike is active.


There are some functions that a Temple can provide:

  • Heal: The head of the Temple heals the Adventurer using faith. This type of healing removes most Field Status Ailments as well as debuffs. It can't heal Z Plague (but the Dokapon Castle can) or Doom. You can't enter any temples if you are wanted or sleeping. In Ikari No Tekken, you'll have to pay to get rid them.
  • Warp: In Ikari No Tekken, the player may warp to a different temple at the cost of money. This is useful for catching up to Wallace, who takes over towns.
  • Gift: In Dokapon Kingdom, this option allows the Adventurer to send a gift to the King. The Adventurer can send any Local Item, even if the King doesn't like it. The Adventurer can also send gifts under other Adventurer's names, so the Adventurer can send a gift the King dislikes under another Adventurer's name and have the misfortune fall upon that Adventurer.

Teleportation from the Warp Space in 3-2-1 and KingdomEdit

Name G
Vatic Temple 800
Maple Temple 1000
Rio Temple 8000
Crystal Temple 4000
Duney Temple 2000
Bakout Temple 10000

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