The story mode in 3-2-1 and Kingdom is one of the games to include it.

The StoryEdit

In this mode, the player is able to choose a character in 3-2-1, or, create his or her own Adventurer in Dokapon Kingdom which they can control throughout the duration of the story. The story is one Prologue and 7 chapters long. In each chapter the Adventurers must overcome several obstacles in order to progress in the story, all the while leveling up, liberating Towns, collecting useful Items, and hindering their rival Adventurer(s).

Every chapter there are Big Monsters that have taken over Towns, and depending on the chapter, you need to kill 2–5 of them to advance the story. These Monsters are usually stronger than the generic enemies in the area or other Town Monsters, and they can perform acts to hinder random Adventurers.