Dokapon kingdom spring cave

The map of this dungeon.

Spring Cave is the earliest and the first Dungeon in the game. It is found in the extreme north of Asiana. It is the most notable for it's Warp Space, found in the mid-north area.


Main article: Spring Cave Map


Entrance/Exit: 1

Empty Spaces: 29

Item Spaces: 6

Magic Spaces: 4

Money Spaces: 0

Red Loot Spaces: 5

Locked Box Spaces: 3

White Spaces: 0

Item Stores: 0

Weapon Stores: 0

Magic Stores: 0

Traps: 0

Poison Swamps: 0

Warp Space: 1

Total: 49

Levito SpringEdit

The Levito Spring, also known as the Warp Space, allows a player to pay for transporation to any of the Temples or Dokapon Castle when landed upon. They are not entered upon teleportation, the Adventurer will only start their turn there.

Warp Space data
Place G
Dokapon Castle 100
Vatic Temple 800
Maple Temple 1000
Rio Temple 8000
Crystal Temple 4000
Duney Temple 2000
Bakout Temple 10000

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