A red-female Spellsword.

Unlocked By:

Master Warrior and Magician


+2 AT, +2 MG


+1 AT/Level

Spellsword is a Job class that obtainable after you master Warrior and Magician. Considered one of the worst classes because the focus on AT and MG leaves you squishy and slow because DF, SP and HP aren't affected by level-ups.

In-game description: "A well-rounded fighter, skilled with both weapons and magic."


Stats/Level: +2 AT +2 MG

Mastery: +1 AT/Level



Level 2: Chakra – Increases your AT and MG by 50%.

Level 4: Pierce – Your next attack will ignore your enemy's defense.


Field Skill: Barrier – Supposed 50% chance to reflect field magic back to the caster.

End of Week Bonus: Use Attack and Magic in the same battle 3 times (times 3 salary).

Related JobsEdit

Contributes to Hero via Ninja and Acrobat.

Spellsword Class

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