Rico Jr. is the prince of the Underworld in Dokapon Kingdom. His father, the king of the underworld, is Overlord Rico. He has a crush on Princess Penny.

In Story Mode, he is encountered twice and fought once. However, he will sometimes appear randomly on an empty space after defeating him in Chapter 4. In Normal Mode, he is a random event at the very beginning.

He also is the source of Angel Wings, which can allow you to get to the top level of the Daunting Mountain.

Rico Jr.'s stats are the average of all the non-darkling Adventurers in the game, and players are more likely to encounter him when there's a Darkling around or in Daunting Mountain. 


Rico Jr. Defending



Rico Jr. using Power Poke

Offensive Magic – F5 Storm – Deals Wind damage. 21 Power.

Defensive Magic – Seal Magic+ – It'll seal your offensive magic and your defensive magic.

Battle Skill – Power Poke – Deals 1/4 of the player's HP. Has a chance to instantly kill the target player. Rico Jr. uses this occasionally, but not very often. He will use it more often when his health is low.


F5 Storm

Attack: His most used action. Rico Jr. will attack more often than anything.

Strike: Rico Jr. rarely uses strike, and only seems to use it when he has low health.

Counter: Rico Jr. will automatically counter when you use strike, much like most bosses and other story battles. When not using strike, he rarely counters.


Rico Jr.'s Strike


  • Overlord Rico, Succubus, Roc, and Rico Jr. are the only 4 monsters that have red eyes.
  • Unlike other monsters​, he has three possible drop items. One of these is the black diamond, the most potent gem in the game (at base value).