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ID Name            Price POW  Special
1  Scorch           2500   4  Fire
2  Scorcher        50000  13  Fire
3  Giga Blaze     210000  18  Fire
4  Zap              3750   7  Lightning
5  Zapper          68000  15  Lightning
6  Lectro Beam    268000  20  Lightning
7  Chill            3150   5  Ice
8  Chiller         62000  14  Ice
9  Ice Barrage    224000  19  Ice
10 Gust             5000   8  Wind
11 Guster          70000  16  Wind
12 F5 Storm       286000  21  Wind
13 Mirror Image    12500   6  Physical
14 Teleport        25000  11  Physical
15 Aurora         320000  32  Light (5)
16 Curse           20000   9  Curse
17 Sleepy         140000  17  Sleep
18 Blind           15000  10  Blind
19 Banish         240000  12  (6)
20 Drain            2000   3  
21 Swap           384000   2
22 Pickpocket        500   1  
23 Rust           400000  37  (7)


  1. Fire Element spells have a small chance of reducing enemy defense by 25%.
  2. Lightning Element spells have a small chance of reducing enemy magic by 25%.
  3. Ice Element Spells have a small chance of reducing enemy attack by 25%.
  4. Wind Element Spells have a small chance of reducing enemy speed by 25%.
  5. Light Element Spells (Aurora) have a chance of reducing all enemy stats by 50%.
  6. Banish will kill your enemy instantly if it is not blocked with Defensive Magics. If it hits successfully, your HP will be reduced to 1. Also, if Banish is bounced or reflected, the person who bounced whose HP will be reduced to 1, too.
  7. Rust will break a piece of your enemy's equipment if it is not blocked with Defensive Magics. It will also fail to break equipment if Rust kills the enemy, whether or not it was defended against. Also, it doesn't seem to have 37 POW damage.
  8. Sleepy does NOT do 17 POW damage.
  9. Aurora is the best for overall usefulness. Keep this in mind when you are playing story or free play.


1 Scorch
A basic spell that damages with fire.
2 Scorcher
An improved version of Scorch that creates a fiery explosion.
3 Giga Blaze
The strongest fire magic. It does an amazing amount of damage.
4 Zap
A basic spell that damages with lightning.
5 Zapper
Calls multiple lightning bolts to strike your enemy.
6 Lectro Beam
Summons a thunderstorm to assault your foe with  powerful lightning bolts.
7 Chill
A basic spell that damages with ice.
8 Chiller
Creates chunks of ice that fall on your enemy.
9 Ice Barrage
Conjures a massive blizzard that does lots of damage.
10 Gust
A basic spell that damages with wind.
11 Guster
Causes a gust of wind to slice at your opponent.
12 F5 Storm
Blows away your opponent with a tremendous tornado!
13 Mirror Image
Creates a mirror image of yourself to attack your opponent.
14 Teleport
Lets you quickly appear close to your foe and attack!
15 Aurora
Damages your opponent with holy light.
16 Curse
Curses the target to randomly attack oneself.
17 Sleepy
Puts your opponents to sleep to prevent them from attacking.
18 Blind
Blinds your foes, helping you to dodge their attacks.
19 Banish
If successful, this spell will kill your enemy instantly, but your HP will drop to 1.
20 Drain
Halves the opponent's HP and adds it to your HP.
21 Swap
Swaps HP with your opponent.
22 Pickpocket
Steals 1/4 of your opponent's money.
23 Rust
Breaks your opponent's equipment. Has no effect on monsters.

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