Normal Mode is a game mode in the Dokapon Series. The goal is to get the greatest net worth in a set number of weeks chosen by the player. This can range from 1–999 weeks. You start at Dokapon Castle, and can start at level 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50. Big Monsters are your goal to kill, as they will net you a large sum of cash and rarely a castle for your troubles.

In Oukoku IV Edit

This is the only mode in the game. There is no story following it, and you'll always start at level 1.

In 3-2-1 Edit

You can play up to 9999 WEEKS, which makes it the LONGEST game time you can ever play.

In DX Edit

There is a greed mode in the menu. You unlock more maps by completing chapters of story mode.

In The World Edit

You are able to select normal mode in the main menu, Instead of starting a new story mode game.

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