A black male and female Ninja

Unlocked By

Mastering Warrior and Thief


+2 AT, +2 SP


+1 SP/Level

Ninja is a Job class obtainable after you master both the Warrior and Thief jobs. The best job for rushing the game to end.

In-game description: "Assassins who quietly strike from the shadows. They attack quickly."


Per Level: +2 AT +2 SP

Mastery: +1 SP/Level


  • 10 items
  • 6 field magics


Level 2: Sneak Hit – Reduces oppenent's HP by 50%, with a chance of instantly killing them.

Level 4: Decoy – Protects you from physical and magical attacks 50% of the time.

Field Skill: Item Combo – Allows you to use 2 items per turn. Note that you can't use the second item after you use an item that causes you to land on a space, like spinners, crystals, or warps.

End of Week Bonus: Attack/Rob a shop (you don't have to win in order to get the bonus).

Related JobsEdit

Contributes to Hero.

Ninja Class

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