World map

World Map from the Atlus website

Here are some maps to help you find your way around.


  1. Prologue Map


  1. Special:Maps/15196


  1. Asiana Map
  2. Hallstatt Map
  3. Clovis Map
  4. Llano Map
  5. Gunnbjorn Map
  6. Aphrike Map
  7. Flinders Map


  1. Spring Cave Map
  2. Casino Cave Map
  3. Lava Cave Map
  4. Lost Forest Map
  5. Daunting Mountain Map
  6. The Castle in the Clouds Map
  7. Sunken Shrine Map
  8. Pyramid Map
  9. Underground Passage Map
  10. Tower of Rabble Map
  11. Underworld Map
  12. Dark Castle Map
  13. Dark Dimension Map


  • Some maps have serious mistakes.

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