This page will determine how human players use controllers, and how the AI skill determines, by difficulty.


"How many people are playing today?"

When Angelo asks how many people are playing, determine the number of people playing.

In DX, you can input a name you like for Human and CPUs. The turn order is determined first before you set things up.

In The World and Kingdom, the turn order is determined LAST.

For Humans, you can set a controller you want. The Wii Version uses the Wiimote, Classic Controller, and Gamecube Controller.


Controllers and AI Skill will be found here.

For the CPUs, Set the AI Skill.The list goes by as follows:

Weak - Will be awful at something. Recommended for first time players.

Normal - Default setting. Why do you forget about this?

Sneaky - The most difficult setting ever made. Recommended for Advanced Players.

Then set the options, and you're ready to play!