A yellow male and female hero

Unlocked By:

Master Ninja, Spellsword, and Acrobat, and bring a Hero License to the King


+1 AT, +1 DF, +1 MG, +1 SP


+1 AT/Level

Hero is a Job class obtainable after you master Spellsword, Ninja, Acrobat, and obtain the Hero License. Note: that having Spellsword and Ninja mastered means you also have to have mastered all 3 starting classes as well.


Per Level: +1 AT, +1 DF, +1 MG, +1 SP

Mastery: +1 AT/Level

Salary Edit

Job level pay raise multiplier: 2.5

Level 1: 3000 G

Level 2: 7500 G

Level 3: 18750 G

Level 4: 46875 G

Level 5: 117188 G

Level 6: 292969 G


12 Items

12 Field Magics


Level 2: Glory – Forces any non boss enemy to give up.

Level 4: Guard – Raises some random stats by 50%.

Field Skill: Full Combo – Allows you to use one item and one field magic in the same turn.

End of Week Bonus: Stop on own towns 3 times.


  • Hero gives nearly 300,000G base pay at Job level 6, with all 11 jobs mastered you can earn a weekly salary of over 3.5 million G.
  • Unlike other jobs, the End of Week Bonus is five time your salary, instead of three times your salary.
  • Once you have changed to this class, it becomes permanently available to you. If you immediately change class after switching to it, you do NOT need another Hero License.
  • This is probably the hardest job to get, you may need 2 or 3 Guided Warps to get a Hero License.
    • Unless a player is in the Castle in the Clouds, and he/she uses Come Here, it is impossible to get there without the Angel Wings, which are dropped only by Rico Jr.

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