Buying Lock from the magic shop in Dokapon DX.

Field Magic is a one-time use spell that can be used on either opponents or Monsters. You cannot use Field Magic on yourself. They are most commonly obtained from Magic Spaces and Magic Stores, but you can also receive them by robbing the Magic Store or the Merchant, White Loot Spaces, Red Loot Spaces, and Locked Boxes.

Field Magic come in 3 primary forms; Damaging Elemental Magic, Status Effect Magic, and Others. Elemental Magic contains Fire-type, Lightning-type, Ice-type, and Light-type Magic. The damage from these magic can be cut in half by wearing the corresponding Elemental Bracelet Accessory. Unlike Offensive Magic in Battle, Field Magic is unable to randomly lower stats based on the element of magic being used. Status Effect Magic contains Weaken-type and Alter-type Magic. Other contains Summon-type, Move-type, and Special-type Magic. All Magic can be bought in Magic Stores except for Town Conjure, Conjure All, Psychokinesis, Death Call, Vacuum, and Mix-up. These spells still can be found in other ways, primarily Kira or Magic Spaces.

The amount of Field Magic a player can hold depends on what job the player currently has. The chance of hitting is determined by the user's SP stat compared to the target's SP stat. If your SP is equal, you will hit at a 60% rate. The lowest hit rate you can have is 20%. (If the target has a Magic Mirror, the hit chance is 0%.) When using damaging spells, your damage is based on your MG stat compared to their MG stat. The minimum damage is 1 HP.

Elemental Damage in Dokapon KingdomEdit

Name Value Effect
Magma 1,600G Lightly damages one monster or player on a field space.


3,800G Moderately damages to one monster or player on a field space.
Magma DX 17,000G Very heavily damages one monster or player on a field space.
Volt 800G Very lightly damages monsters and players in an area on the Field Map.
Volt+ 2,600G Moderately damages monsters and players in an area on the Field Map.
Volt DX 10,000G Heavily damages monsters and players in an area on the Field Map.
Ice 1,200G Lightly damages all monsters and players on a field space.
Ice+ 3,000G Moderately damages all monsters and players on a field space.
Ice DX 12,000G Heavily damages all monsters and players on a field space.
Flash Bomb 40,000G Creates balls of light that explode and damage all bosses and players on the map you are currently on. Massive damage.

Status Effects in Dokapon KingdomEdit

Name Value Effect
Tenderize 280G Lowers DF by 1/3.
Atrophy 300G Lowers AT by 1/3.
Slow 100G Lowers SP by 1/3.
Daze 200G Lowers MG by 1/3.
Down 4,000G Lowers AT, DF, MG, SP, and max HP by 50%.
Cobra Strike 200G Poisons the target.
Cobra Storm 2,800G Poisons all players.
Curse 3,000G Curses the target.
Curse All 6,000G Curses all players.
Blistered Feet 1,200G Gives the target a footsore.
Lock 400G Seals the target's bag or Dark Arts.
Lockdown 3,600G Seals everyone's bag/Dark Arts.
Fraidy Cat 150G Makes the target afraid.
Time Out 800G Paralyzes the target for 1 turn.
Sleepy Time 2,000G Puts the opponent to sleep.

Other Spells in Dokapon KingdomEdit

Name Value Description
Conjure 2,400G Summons a monster to the Empty Space a player is on.
Town Conjure 12,000G Summons a monster to a liberated Town of your choice. Always hits.
Conjure All 80,000G Conjures monsters to all liberated owns on a continent you choose.
Psychokinesis 8,000G Moves a player or a Roadblock Rock to any space of your choice on the current map.
Transfer 3,200G Swaps places with the target.
Squall 1,500G Blows one player to a random town. Will miss if the target is on Ocean.
Typhoon 3,500G Blows all players away to random Towns. Targets on Ocean will not be hit.
Come Here 5,800G Calls all players to your space.
Purse Cutter 1,500G Destroys some Items and/or Field Magic that the target has.
Vacuum 25,000G In Game: "takes a few of the target's stat points and adds them to your own!"
Mix-up 68,000G Swaps money, a piece of equipment, all Items, all Field Magic, or location of all players.
Mystery 40,000G

"The Legendary Dokapon Spell! Who knows what will happen!" Can't Miss. Can't be blocked by Mirror Necklace, Magic Mirror, or Spellsword's Barrier.1

Death Call 18,000G Summons the Grim Reaper to harvest a player's soul in a few turns... unless they defeat the caster first! (7–10 days).2

1Example effects from the Mystery Spell:

  • Permanently increase the caster's stats by 2.
  • Causes 2 random Field Status Ailments on all players (including the caster).
  • Heals all Characters, AND all Monsters.
  • Sets many traps on the World Map (about 20–40).
  • Duplicates effects of Mix-up.

2Can be prevented with a Revival potion, but not with deathblocks.