Dungeons are areas within almost each continent that present a higher risk than the Overworld. Dungeons are on a different map than the general Overworld, lack Towns, and have higher leveled Monsters than the area outside of the Dungeon. In order to enter a Dungeon, an Adventurer must first land on the space directly outside the Dungeon. On the next turn, the Adventurer will be inside the Dungeon.


Dungeons can be forests, caves, or even mountains and underwater. Contained within them are higher leveled Monsters, special Spaces (for example, a Casino space exists within Casino Cave), and more Battle Spaces. Some Monsters can only be found within Dungeons, some of which the King will request (for example, the Wabbit within Spring Cave). This, in combination with the aforementioned higher levels, makes Dungeons good grinding spots.

List of DungeonsEdit

There are several Dungeons in Dokapon Kingdom.

  • Spring Cave is in Asiana.
  • Casino Cave is in Hallstatt.
  • Lava Cave is in Clovis.
  • Lost Forest connects Clovis and Llano.
  • Sunken Shrine, Daunting Mountain and The Castle in the Clouds are in Llano.
  • Pyramid is in Aphrike.
  • The Underground Passage connects Aphrike and Flinders.
  • Tower of Rabble is in Flinders, normal form Overlord Rico fights you here.
  • The Underworld (Story Mode only) pops up in one of the empty Spaces on the world map after Chapter 8 (the final chapter) starts.

Trivia Edit

  • The only Continent without at least 1 dungeon is Gunnbjorn, which consists only 4 Towns.
  • Dungeons consists none of the towns in this game. Without any Field Warps, it's hard to get out the Sunken Shrine.

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