A spirit that can take your form. If you meet someone that looks like you, one of you will be absorbed into the other.
ID 89
LV 26 HP 200
AT 83 DF 94
MG 60 SP 14
EXP 1503 Gold 1
Drops 4 Crystal (20%)
Crystal Choker (5%)
Offensive Magic Blind
Defensive Magic Bounce
Battle Skill Transform
AI ?
Clovis (Towns)
Llano (Towns, ?)
Gunnbjorn (Snow)

Doppelgangers are Monsters which use Transform to copy the stats of their opponents. Until it transforms, it is the same as fighting any other enemy.

It is stronger than a Wraith but weaker than a Lich.


  • There is a glitch, or an oversight by the developers involving Transform. If a Doppelgnger located on a Town uses Transform on the Adventurer trying to liberate a Town, and that Adventurer is killed by a Darkling, that Doppelganger will stay transformed, but they will change into the Darkling.
  • It looks like a normal Clonus, and their HP and strapes are same.
  • If a Doppelganger Transforms into another Adventurer, but is not at full health, it will receive a corresponding percentage of the Adventurer's Max HP. For example, if a Doppelganger transforms into an Adventurer with 800 Max HP when the Doppelganger is at 100 HP (1/2 health), it will be at 400 HP after transforming.