If your request is not meeting one of them, use this template, if has been being marked deletion for 1 week, it may be deleted by admins.


  • G1 – Author request: the creator requests for deletion or blank the page.
  • G7 – Empty article: an empty article, but not stubbed articles.


  • G1 – Author request: the creator requests for deletion or blank the page.
  • G2 – Copyright violation: having copyright problems.
  • G3 – Spam and/or vandalism: vandalism, or a completely hoax, the creator will be blocked by admins for 1 month, or even longer.
  • G4 – Cross-language: articles that are not in English.
  • G5 – Weird page: like spams, but admins won't block creators.
  • G6 – Housekeeping: technical deletions.
  • G7 – Empty page: an empty page.
  • G8 – Consensus: discussions closed by users as delete.


  • R1 – Broken redirect: redirects that redirect to a red link.
  • R2 – Unused redirect: redirects to itself.
  • R2 – Unused redirect left from pagemove: pages that moved by autos to a much better name, the original page should be deleted by admins.


  • F1 – Unused file: files that use at none of the pages, and uploaded for 1 week (or more).
  • F2 – Duplicated file: duplicated files (like Alchemists duplicate).

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