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Dokapon Kingdom is a video game in the Dokapon franchise, created by Sting after Asmik Ace Entertainment gave the license to them. It was released on the Japanese PS2 in 2007. It was later published by Atlus in North America on October 14, 2008. It is a remake of the 1994 Super Famicom title, Dokapon 3-2-1. The PlayStation 2 version was later re-released in Japan on November 20, 2008, with a "Sting The Best" stamp on it. It was later ported to the Wii by Sting Entertainment on July 31, 2008, as Dokapon Kingdom for Wii. The Wii version was later published in North America by Atlus on October 14, 2008, and in Europe by BigBen Interactive on March 26, 2010 as Dokapon Kingdom.




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Version DifferencesEdit

  • The English version is dubbed to fit the dialogue more, and to make it easier for player to hear.
  • The logo, signs, and town names have been changed.
  • The American PS2 version has an auto-save function whereas to the Japanese version does not. However, both Wii versions have an auto-save function.
  • Oddly, in the European version, in the rankings screen in the options menu, the last place player has a place number instead of the word "Last."


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