M Guard

20 500 -

M Guard+

60 50000 -
3 M Guard DX 90 95000




20 5750

Recovers a bit of HP

5 Refresh+ 35 40000 Recovers a lot of HP

Refresh DX

50 80000

Recovers all your HP

7 Super Cure 50 25000 Cures status ailments
8 Seal Magic 30 20000 Seals both Offensive Magic and Defensive Magic
9 Seal Magic+ 50 60000 Seals both Offensive Magic and Defensive Magic, when opponent uses Attack command, misses often
10 Shock 60 145000 Paralyzes the opponent
11 Mirror 50 150000 Reflects half the damage
12 MG Charge 35 5000 Raises MG
13 AT Charge 35 6250 Raises AT
14 DF Charge 35 3750 Raises DF
15 SP Charge 35 2500 Raises SP

Charge All

60 120000 Raises All stats
17 Charm 70 160000 Seals Attack and Counter commands
18 Bounce 0 360000 Send the magic back to the caster
19 Super Bounce 0 2 Send the magic back with 4x damage

Trivia Edit

  • This is one of the most important things to upgrade, because of attacks from other people's magic being reduced. You should almost always get a defensive magic spell over an offensive magic spell, unless you need the extra damage.
  • Super bounce can't be bought at stores, only at the 500,000 slots in the Casino or earning from Darkling, and other people might target you for it. Make sure you are ready if you get it.
  • Charge All and Charm can basically win you a fight all by themselves when activated, since they increase your stats to great heights, or allow you to get a free strike spree till they die, or give up.
  • Even though Bounce and Super Bounce are great when they are pulled off correctly, you take full damage if you do not defend against magic at the right time, potentially killing you off if a Magician or an Alchemist pull it off. Be cautious when using this set.
  • It is basically required to get a good defensive spell on a Ninja to avoid taking massive or lethal damage from field or battle magics, and battle magic does not miss without a Bounce or super bounce magic, as well as decoy 50% of the time. Along with even then, it still hits the attacker.
  • Bounce and Super Bounce reflect the damage that would have been done to YOU if pulled off. For example, if I have 400 MG, and get magic attacked by a character with 8 MG, Bouncing or Super Bouncing will do no damage to them. Likewise, if I have 1 MG and get attacked by someone with 150 MG, and I Super Bounce, if the attack would have done 2200 damage to me, it would instead do 8800 damage to them.


1 M Guard
Slightly reduces damage taken from magic spells.

2 M Guard+
Reduces damage taken from magic spells by a fair amount.

3 M Guard DX
Dramatically reduces damage taken from magic spells.

4 Refresh
Slightly reduces damage and recovers a bit of HP.

5 Refresh+
Slightly reduces damage and recovers a lot of HP.

6 Refresh DX
Reduces damage and recovers all your HP.

7 Super Cure
Reduces damage and cures status ailments.

8 Seal Magic
Slightly reduces damage and seals Offensive Magic.

9 Seal Magic+
Reduces damage and seals Offensive and Defensive Magic.

10 Shock
Reduces damage and paralyzes the opponent, preventing them from moving.

11 Mirror
Reduces damage and reflects half the damage back to the enemy. Cancels effects too.

12 MG Charge
Reduces damage and raises MG.

13 AT Charge
Reduces damage and raises AT.

14 DF Charge
Reduces damage and raises DF.

15 SP Charge
Reduces damage and raises SP.

16 Charge All
Reduces damage and raises AT, DF, MG, SP, and HP.

17 Charm
Reduces damage and charms the opponent, sealing their Attack and Counter commands.

18 Bounce
Send the opponent's magic right back at them!

19 Super Bounce
Send the opponent's magic right back at them... with 4 times the damage!