Razuly using the contract to transform into a Darkling in DX ver.

Darkling is the most powerful class in Dokapon Kingdom. It is not like the other classes- it cannot be switched to permanently, instead being active for 2 weeks, and it can only be gotten if the user has been in last place for a while. While a Darkling, you cannot take control of towns, earn any G, fight monsters, or use any items or field magic. The whole purpose of the class is to get revenge on the other players.

In the DX version, you CAN become a darkling at anytime, even if you don't have the Dark Mark.

However, in the Kingdom version, If you spend two weeks in the last place and the Dark Mark (a purple bat) appears above your head, you are qualified for the Darkling Job (if you aren't in the last place, it will just fly away). While the purple bat is present, Weber may appear on Empty Spaces to give you the Contract. This is a 1G Item that instantly transforms the player, or in the Kingdom version, transports its user to the Dark Space in Asiana. This does not prevent Weber from appearing to bestow Cursed Items as normal.

If you choose to become the Darkling, land on the Dark Space in Asiana. Weber will 

Male Darkling Kingdom Ver.

ask for all your Towns, Items, Field Magics, and Cash in exchange for the power of the Darkling, which lasts 14 days. All Field Status Ailments will be healed, even Doom and Z Plague (only if you land on towns). 

Female Darkling Kingdom Ver.

He does not take your Castles or Equipment; Castles remain yours during Darklingdom, and Equipment is automatically returned afterward. Darklingdom will end prematurely if the Darkling is killed.

The Darkling will also have a Demon Spinner, which is identical to the Super Spinner, active for the duration of Darklingdom, meaning that he/she can easily travel quickly and chase down anyone they want to kill. For reference, a Super Spinner allows them to spin 2–5 spinners each turn when they move.

In combat, the Darkling is a fearsome foe; its Super Bounce reflects a spell at quadruple strength, and in Kingdom, it automatically Counters any attempts to Strike it. Its offensive magic of Giga Blaze can make quick work of enemies, and its skill of Delete can severely weaken or set back the opponent. All of its stats are tripled while a darkling, and the equipment they have is the most powerful equipment in the game, giving MASSIVE boosts to all of their stats. It is, however, possible to kill the Darkling. (One of the easiest ways, if the Darkling is cooperative, is to Counter the Darkling's Strike.) This usually results in no EXP or Gold, but the victorious player may take one of the Darkling's pieces of Equipment. If a killed Darkling gets their equipment stolen, that equipment will be gone from the normal player's equipment. (e.g. If a player steals the Overlord Crown, when the Darkling respawns as a normal player, he/she will have lost his/her accessory, if they had one.) Players cannot give up a battle with a Darkling (though they can use skills such as Escape to get out of the battle) and the Darkling can't give up either.

Killing a player automatically rewards the Darkling with enough EXP to advance to the level of that player.

EXP gained by the Darkling will only be applied upon the Darkling player's first combat victory "after" Darklingdom. Because of this, EXP gained by the Darkling through killing other players can stack.

In Kingdom, Your hairstyle will change to the default randomly after Darklingdom.

Strategies Edit

Main article: Darkling/Strategies

Equipment and StatsEdit

When you become the Darkling, your equipment will be replaced:


Draco Sword (+333 AT)

Shield Demon Shield (+333 DF, +2 AT, +4 MG)
Offensive Magic Giga Blaze (18 Power)
Defensive Magic Super Bounce
Accessory Overlord's Crown
Battle Skill Delete: Randomly deletes the enemy's entire Inventory, one piece of Equipment, or all carried Gs.

In addition, your stats will be tripled of your normal non-equipped self.

Dark ArtsEdit

The Darkling begins each turn by spinning the Dark Art Spinner, which provides Dark Art points. These points can be spent on Dark Arts, which replace the player's Bag during Darklingdom. Only one Dark Art can be used each turn, but there is no limit to the number of times each field skill can be used.

If the Darkling starts its turn immediately with combat, the Dark Art Spinner is skipped, rewarding no Dark Art points that turn, ensure you end all battles the same turn you start them to avoid missing out on Dark Art points.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Job that you can't choose at Dokapon Castle, and obtain from a Special Event NPC.

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