Clovis is the third continent in Dokapon Kingdom. This continent contains the second temple, Maple Temple. Since it is the third continent, it contains stronger enemies than the second continent. It contains the entrance to the Lava Cave and the Lost Forest. Clovis is modeled after the real life continent North America, and is the gateway to Llano and Gunnbjorn. It contains the third castle, Yukon Castle. Clovis contains 7 towns, Allegheny, Calumet, Duwamish, Conroe, Hoover, Zumpango, and Stikine.


  • Map: Clovis
  • Clovis2.png


Town Value Lv.1 Value Lv.3 Value Lv.6 Taxes Lv.1 Taxes Lv.2 Taxes Lv.3 Taxes Lv.4 Taxes Lv.5 Taxes Lv.6
Stikine 600,000G 1,200,000G 1,800,000G
Duwamish 420,000G 840,000G 1,260,000G
Allegheny 540,000G 1,080,000G 1,620,000G
Calumet 420,000G 840,000G 1,260,000G
Conroe 440,000G 880,000G 1,320,000G
Hoover 460,000G 920,000G 1,380,000G
Zumpango 580,000G 1,160,000G 1,740,000G