A red male and a female cleric.

Unlocked By:

Master Warrior OR Magician OR Thief


+1 DF, +1 MG, +20 HP


+1 DF/Level

Cleric is a Job class obtainable after you master any one of the three basic classes.

The Cleric's field and battle skills are centered around recovering HP and healing status ailments, as well as attacking with hammers and axes, as well as certain spears.

In-game description: "Helps others with holy powers. Their gifts come from faith."


  • Stats/Level:+1 DF, +1 MG, +20 HP
  • Mastery: +1 DF/Level

Salary Edit

Job level pay raise multiplier: 1.8

  • Level 1: 800 G
  • Level 2: 1,440 G
  • Level 3: 2,592 G
  • Level 4: 4,666 G
  • Level 5: 8,398 G
  • Level 6: 15,117 G

End of week bonus: HP restored 12 times (this can be done with Items or the "Holy Aura" Field Skill, times 3 salary).


  • 6 Items


  • Level 2: Heal – Recovers all of your HP.
  • Level 4: Prayer – Heals 50% of your HP and cures some status ailments.
  • Field Skill: Holy Aura – Occasionally heals up to half your HP, the max is 1/2 of your full HP.

Related JobsEdit

Leads to Monk.

Contributes to Robo Knight via Monk, Thief and/or Magician.


  • Robo Knight and Cleric're the only 2 class in the game that has a DF/Level mastery bonus.
Cleric Class

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