Chapters are segmented parts of a whole Story Mode. Each Chapter is designed to meet a specific objective and/or mark a way-point by which the Adventurers can monitor their progress by. Each Chapter takes place on a different Continent on the Overworld, except Chapter 8, which takes place in the Underworld, or "Heck."

At the end of every chapter, you will see the current rankings, receive your salary, and be prompted to save.


  • Chapter One: Help the Little Guy! A Cure for Cash!
    2015-08-22 12-56-09

    Chapter 1's screen.

Synopsis: After heading to Dokapon Castle, the Adventurers went on a quest to liberate several Towns. However, after beating two big red Bosses (two of Halfling, Hobgoblin, Magician or Crawler), the King informed the Adventurers that Cash, Princess Penny's dog, was sick! The Adventurers headed out to locate the Wise Grandma, who gave the Adventurer who found her the Antidote to cure Cash! After delivering the Antidote to the King, Penny, and, ultimately, Cash, the Chapter ends.
  • Chapter Two: Rico Jr. steals the Princess's piggy bank.

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