The mode selection screen in DX

Battle Royale is a game mode in the Dokapon Series. In Kingdom, It is Angelo's favorite mode. Introduced in 3-2-1, You select an objective to play, and you do the requested job. Whoever completes the requested job will win the game.

In 3-2-1 and Kingdom Edit

There are 3 modes, and the king will automatically set up them:

Town Race - Only a true hero will save a town! Liberate a town first to win.

Kill Race - Let the death match begin! Kill a person a number of times to win.

Shopping Race - Get ready to put your shopping shoes on! First to bring items wins. The CPU sucks at this.

In DX Edit

There are 2 extra modes in normal mode. You set them up in your way.

Kill Race - The killing returns. Kill a person a number of times to win.

Egg Race - Time to hunt eggs! Hunt them by defeating Big Monsters. First person to get all of the eggs wins.

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