Battle UI

Tap fighting a Gold Chest Monster in DX

Battle Command is an action taken by an Adventurer or Monster that is carried out to perform a specific function for attacking and defending purposes.

In the Kingdom Version, A Computer Player (CPU), Darkling, most Story Bosses and all special event Boss Monsters (Comacho, Wabbit, etc.) have Auto-counter, so unless their Counter is sealed, they will pick Counter if you pick Strike. This is known as a death wish.

Certain Status Effects, Defensive Magic Recoils, and Battle Skills will make certain Battle Commands unable to be picked. In addition, you cannot Give Up in the Coliseum, if you are Wanted, the caster of Death Call (versus the target), a Darkling, or fighting a Darkling. Also, Town Monsters and Boss Monsters cannot Give Up.


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The Attacking UI on a Monster (PS2 Kingdom).

When an Adventurer is attacking another Adventurer or a Monster, there are 4 Battle Commands that can be chosen. The buttons to be pressed in order to issue these commands are as follows, and are listed in Kingdom First, DX Second. For The Kingdom Version, Wii first, PS2 second, and for The DX Version, GC Third, PS2 Fourth.

  • Up/Triangle, Y/Square = Offensive Magic.
  • Left/Square, B/Cross = Strike.
  • Right/Circle, A/Circle = Attack.
  • Down/Cross, X/Triangle = Battle Skill, or Weapon Skill in DX


2015-08-26 11-37-26

The Defending UI on an Adventurer (PS2 Kingdom).

When an Adventurer is defending from an attack, there are 4 Battle Commands that can be chosen.

  • Up/Triangle, Y/Square = Defensive Magic.
  • Left/Square, B/Cross = Counter.
  • Right/Circle, A/Circle = Defend.
  • Down/Cross, X/Triangle = Give Up.

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