Battle chests

The battle chests in DX. Note that red says "Sword" while blue says "Shield".

Battle Cards are the cards that you will pick if you are in a Battle. You can use a Reveal to reveal them.

In Oukoku IV Edit

The cards are large, and they have a weapon and a shield. If you get the sword you go first, and the shield makes you go last.

In 3-2-1 Edit

This time, the cards are more smaller. They are redesigned, and the shield has an up arrow on it.

In Ikari No Tekken Edit

Battle Cards are Flipping Coins. They have a sword and a shield engraved into them. Look closely at the coin to see if you go first or last.

In DX Edit

A shield and a sword are hiding in the chests. You can also use reveal to see the color easily. Red = First, Blue = Last.

In The World Edit

Battle cards world

Battle Cards in The World

The Battle Cards are back and redesigned. They flip after you press Circle.

In Journey Edit

The Sword and Shield have returned. First now says "Attack", and Last now says "Defend". Reveal now fully shows the cards to you, and you can select a card instead of swapping.


There are no actual strategies (except for using reveals). Thus, they are almost luck-based.

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