Asiana Building

Asiana is the starting continent in Dokapon Kingdom. As such, it has unique spaces in it such as Dokapon Castle, the Coliseum, and the Dark Space. It is also the only continent that does not contain a Temple, replaced by that Dokapon Castle. Since it is the first continent, it contains the weakest enemies. It also contains the entrance to the Spring Cave. Asiana is modeled after the real-life continent Asia, and is the gateway to Hallstatt and Aphrike. It contains Khan's Castle. It is also the only continent with two Item Shops.




Town Value Lv. 1 Value Lv.3 Value Lv. 6 Taxes Lv. 1 Taxes Lv. 2 Taxes Lv. 3 Taxes Lv. 4 Taxes Lv. 5 Taxes Lv. 6
Sumida 180,000G 360,000G 540,000G 22G 39G
Xishan 160,000G 320,000G 480,000G 18G
Bukhan 150,000G 300,000G 450,000G 15G
Jurong 140,000G 280,000G 420,000G 18G
Uvs Nuur 100,000G 200,000G 300,000G 12G
Ussuri 120,000G 240,000G 360,000G 10G 18G
Volga 150,000G 300,000G 450,000G 14G
Tiphrates 160,000G 320,000G 480,000G 15G
Ural 260,000G 520,000G 780,000G 28G
Moriah 150,000G 300,000G 450,000G 16G

The value of the town when it reaches Level 3 and 6 is raised by the base value of the town. Mitch Digger does not affect how much value you gain from upgrading your town to Level 3 or 6.