Angelo in Kingdom

Angelo In DX

Angelo as he appears in DX

Angelo is the character that shows up on the main screen, and walks players through the game starting process. In The World and Journey, it's a female humanoid. In Kingdom, His favorite game mode is Battle Royale.


Angelo first appears before the game starts, when the player chooses their styles.

When a player is spinning three or more Spinners and they all land on the same number, Angelo will come down and give the player an item.

Angelo can also give a player some equipment if a player has none after coming back to life. This could happen if a Darkling deleted all of that player's equipment. He will give a Weapon and/or a Shield.

Angelo in world

Angelo in The World

Angelo loves money. In Kingdom, When a player dies, Angelo might come down and offer to bring you back to life for a large fee. The vast amounts of gold he collects are rumored to be for his massive gambling debt at the Casino. It's also rumored that he is the young son of the Goddess of Generosity. Every so often, he has been known to use her disguise to scam money off of unsuspecting Adventurers.

Angelo has been found as a Special Event NPC and will give a good random item for a lot of money corresponding to your level.

Occasionally when you are dead for 3 days, Angelo will sometimes pops up and for about ¼ to ¾ of your current G he will revive you instantly, which talked before. The CPUs will usually always accept this offer, however this option can be debatable, usually it's good to accept this if you are trying to get a bunch of towns or get something for the story mode. The only times really to decline is if it's an insane amount of money and you wish to buy something from the shops, in which it is recommended to just wait the days.

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