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A yellow male and female Acrobat

Unlocked By:

Give a Show Ticket to the King


+1 AT, +1 DF, +1 SP, +10 HP


+10 HP/Level

Acrobat is a Job class that is available if you possess a Show Ticket, an item that can be won from the Casino in Casino Cave. On the 5,000 gold slots, getting a triple cherry or triple coin and then getting "Great" will guarantee the Show Ticket. It is also possible to receive the Show Ticket by getting "Great" on the 50,000 gold slots, but it is uncommon.


Per Level: +1 AT +1 DF +1 SP +10 HP

Mastery: +10 HP/Level


Job level pay raise multiplier: 1.2

Level 1: 300 G

Level 2: 360 G

Level 3: 432 G

Level 4: 518 G

Level 5: 622 G

Level 6: 746 G

End of Week Bonus: Travel 20 spaces (times 3 salary).


6 Items

6 Field Magics

Class Skills

Level 2: Play Dumb – Chance to nullify magic attacks.

Level 4: ???? – In Battle, this Skill will be replaced by another random Battle Skill. The Skills can be anything from monster skills to the Darkling's Delete skill. It will stay the same for the duration of the battle, but you can't use it.

Field Skill: Play Dead – Upon death, has a chance of reviving the user. Supposed 50% chance. If the Skill is successful in reviving you, it will save you from using Items in your inventory if you have any.

Related Jobs

Contributes to Hero.


The Play Dead ability is also granted by the Angel Choker, a rare drop from Sphynx in Aphrike.

The Acrobat has the lowest pay of any Job.

Acrobat Class

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